What is it

Root pots



Eliminate root circling and re-potting.

For a plant to thrive in your environment they need a healthy root structure. Unfortunately with standard garden pots the roots become restricted or more commonly known as root circling which not only restricts and damages plants, can also kill them.

Our Root pot system does quite the opposite, please see below the benefits of using root pots.


How does it work?

The  Root Pot system has cuspated walls as shown below with both inward and outward cone shapes with open holes at the ends. The inward pointing root pot cones direct the flow of roots towards the outer air holes whilst the outer holes enable the root ends to die off once the roots hit the air. This effect stimulates more root growth to make up for the loss resulting in larger amounts of white root tips, thus stronger growth!

rootpot sizes

How to assemble a RootPot?

The Root pots are delivered as a flat pack parcel to allow for cheaper freight prices to your door.

  1. Unpack the Root Pot parcel and lay all contents onto a table.
  2. Layout the Root Pot walls with the air holes pointing down. The cones that do not have holes need to be at the top of the pot to allow water holding. The cones with the larger holes need to be at the bottom of the pot to allow more air flow.
  3. Place the Root Pot base in the grooves located 1 row up. Please ensure the flat side of the base faces down.
  4. Wrap the left side over the base first.
  5. Then wrap the right side over which also overlaps the left side. Note: The cones will overlap and sit nicely inside each other for stability.
  6. Screw the supplied fixing to the top of the Root Pot wall, through the overlap in the first row of cones below the reservoir and ensure it is tight.
  7. That’s it, please note for larger Root Pots you must also put a fixing on the bottom of the pot, 4th row from the bottom of the pot.